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Secondhand clothing diminishes several environmental and human rights issues that are associated with haute couture.

[* depicts feminism as a power movement, the women’s renaissance]


April 2013 ::  Vintage Head to Toe (introduction)


January 2014 ::  January, 2014 (natural dyes, Peru)
February 2014 ::  Haute Couture at Goodwill Prices (Don’t Throw That Away!)
March 2014 ::  Mira Mesa High School Prom UPDATE (cash prizes for grads wearing resale)
April 2014 ::  A Better Easter Egg (Alana and her chickens)
May 23 2014 ::  Mira Mesa High School Prom this Saturday! (secondhand prom dresses, Carolyn)
May 29 2014 ::  The School Says What?? (administration is always the problem in high school)
June 2014 ::  Fashion for the New Millennium (prom winners)
July 2014 ::  International Fashion Tips (travel)
September 2014 ::  Back to School Fashion (resale, in praise of the Goodwill)
October 2014 ::  Hallowe’en (hip or commercial?)
November 2014 ::  New York City, Fashion Capital (and Michelle Obama)
December 2014 ::  MMHS Prom 2015 (scholarships announced for best dressed grads at the prom)


January 6 2015 ::  Prom & Party Attire (local resale shops with a flare)
January 20 2015 ::  More Prom & Party Attire
February 2015 ::  A Simple Cup of Coffee (all the pieces to bring you your cup of coffee)
March 2015 ::  In Praise of Hankies (cotton handkerchiefs or tissue)
April 2015 ::  It All Adds Up (what does a million look like?)
May 2015 ::  Prom Season! and the High Cost of New Clothes (statistics, Cinderella’s Attic)
June 2015 ::  Best Dressed Vintage at the Prom (MMHS winners)
July 2015 ::  One Person Really Can Make a Difference (helium balloons)
August 2015 ::  Stand Up and Speak Out, even when it’s scary
September 2015 ::  Self Confidence for Fashionable Men (“El Chauvanist” La Jolla)
October 2015 ::  Shopping Bags and Hallowe’en Costumes
November 2015 :: Life is Beautiful, thank you very much! (California’s blessings)
December 2015 ::  Christmas Trees and Fashionable Giving


January 2016 ::  The Story of One Paper Napkin and a Little Salt (too easy to toss out)
February 2016 ::  Immigration, Emigration, and the Environment (Woodstock, refugees)
March 2016 ::  Pro-Active Hollywood 2016 (enlightened stars and musicians, Cinderella’s Attic)
April 2016* ::  Prom 2016 and the Renaissance (young girls are leading the way!)
May 2016 ::  Voting in Style (how to pick your candidate)
June 2016 ::  Vote Globally, Dress Locally (Barcelona)
July 2016 ::  So, You Have a New Baby (resale for children, movies: A Girl in the River and Bill Murray’s Rock the Kasbah )
August 2016 ::  Make America Great Again (Big game, Brexit, Bangor ME thrift shops)
September 2016 ::  Political Fitness (Izzy, Zumba, Play It Again Sports)
October 10 2016 ::  Environmentally Hip Vote (boo to world class surfer Kelly Slater)
October 26 2016 ::  Too Hip to Vote? (Trump supporters’ T-shirts)
November 9 2016 ::  Uh, What Just Happened?
November 13 2016* ::  Wanted: Global Radical Feminist Movement (Rosie the Riveter)
December 2016 ::  It’s All About the Water (Standing Rock, National Geographic calculator)


January 2017 ::  I Resolve to … (Michelle Obama and Ronda Rowdy Rousey)
February 2017 ::  This is What a Feminist Looks Like (Alana, OK t-shirt)
March 2017 ::  Indigenous Rights Worldwide (Gramgram)
April 2017 ::  We Are a Global Society (claiming the Washington Monument, Styrofoam)
May 2017 ::  Dramaturgia in the Neo-Trump Era (Rolling Stone, Cluny pose)
June 2017* ::  Feministas in the 21st Century (Sharia Law American style)
July 2017 ::  To Be or Not To Be: that really is the question (Hamlet, bed clothes)
August 2017* ::  Did You Know? (Quinceañeros, x-border Indian land)
August 31* ::  Leonard Peltier on Savannah LaFountaine-Greywind and murdered Indigenous Women
September 2017 ::  Fire! Fire! Fire! (Control burns, What to wear to the Apocalypse)
October 2017 ::  Who’s Crying Now? (snowflakes, Charlottesville, Civil War losers, Little Shop of Hers)
November 2017 ::  Thanksgiving, or Overstaying Your Welcome (R. Cobb)
December 2017* ::  PC or HC? Historically Correct


January 2018 ::  Women’s Renaissance Worldwide – or Taking Back the C Word
February 2018
:: Do Something! Participate! (Zimbabwe All-Women Anti-Poaching )
March 2018 ::  Don’t Let Your Exceptionalism Slap You in the Face (#marchforourlives, OhmConnect, fantom electrical use)
April 2018 ::  Straws On Request, please (Straws)
May 2018 
:: Suburban Meadows
June 2018 :: Enlightened Voter’s Guide
July 2018 :: What Is A Mexican?
August 2018 :: Hiatus Announcement 


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