Wild By Nature, Inc.

WILD BY NATURE, Inc. has served neighborhood ecology since 1989. Having focused all our energy on vernal pools and habitat studies, it is now time to expand environmental education in ways that everyone can help build a better world ~ the fun way, with fashion and gardens and urban reinventions that generate great, simple ways to save our blue planet. You can live the high life for only pennies AND make a Zero Carbon Footprint fashion statement! Visit us at www.wildbynature.org.

Reuse, recycle, regift, reinvent!

Kahti at 64-001Vintage head to toe

Sweater and dress from Buffalo Exchange, San Diego
Earrings and bracelet from Treasure Trove, San Diego
Shoes from Labels, Walnut Grove

We are part of WILD BY NATURE, Inc., environmental education.
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858-663-1318, San Diego CA
Wild By Nature, Inc. www.wildbynature.org