Hiatus Announcement

by wildbynature2013

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Dedicate your life to one or two environmental promises; not too much more because it can all become a blurr. For this author, every time regardless of where I am or how I’m dressed (barefoot or stilettoes), I pick up:

  1. Balloons and their cords because they interfere with marine life and forest life: see Post July 2015, this blog

    Balloons and Cords

  2. Styrofoam because it looks like seeds when broken down: see Post April 2017, this blog


  3. Straws because it’s one of the global environmental catastrophes: see Post April 2018, this blog

Straws On Request, Please


Twenty years of encouraging habitat studies through Wild By Nature, Inc. has resulted in environmental education going mainstream.

Five years of posting Fashion for the New Millennium has resulted in secondhand clothing going mainstream. When shopping, keep in mind that

A secondhand purchase diminishes myriad Environmental and
Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices, while keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!

Therefore: Fashion for the New Millennium is going on hiatus. Fare thee well!


Wild By Nature, Inc.