What Is A Mexican?

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Let’s get real, please. The only reason some people hate Mexicans is because they unwittingly hate Indians. It’s still the same old pilgrims vs. Indians, missionaries vs. Indians, gold miners vs. Indians, cowboys vs. Indians, and now the Trumpians vs. Indians. Wealthy, white Mexicans are welcome, but the brown ones are seen as strangers in their own land.

The thrust of this post is to demonstrate that brown “Mexicans” are American Indian and should receive all the rights and privileges thereof. 

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Chicano Park, Logan Heights

America covers three continents: North America, Central America, South America. Based on consistent carbon dating and cultural artifacts, many indigenous people have been here at least 20,000 years. And, there is every indication that Polynesians, Chinese, Danish explorers came to the Americas many centuries before the Spanish in the late 15th century and the Brits followed.


The Spanish and the British came not as explorers, but as conquerors. They brought with them guns, germs, and steel (reference Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs & Steel). Indigenous populations throughout the Americas were reduced by 90 percent. First Contact 

Europeans arrived having survived one of about six black plagues and brought some of their filthy ways with them. The Spanish were sadistic and brutal on a large scale. The Spanish were the inventors of the Inquisition which raised torture to new heights, and the running of the bulls. I was in Spain in 2016 and they are unapologetic about Christopher Columbus for, in the words of my tour guide, “bringing home the riches.”


COLONIAL LANGUAGES: Mexicans are Indigenous Americans, AKA American Indians. They speak Spanish as their COLONIAL LANGUAGE;
whereas US Indians speak English as our COLONIAL LANGUAGE,
and in Canada, English and French are their COLONIAL LANGUAGES.

When the ACLU and RAICES TEXAS called out for help reuniting Indian babies with their families, a desperate request came for translators of Quechua, Nahua, Ma’am, Maya, Aymara, Zapoteca, Mixteco, Kaqchikel, Kiche, all. These are Indigenous languages; Mexicans are Indians by definition.

“Mexican” sounds like Indian and looks like Indian: This is the famed Chicano Park in Logan Heights, San Diego CA. After the city took many square blocks of the neighborhood to build the Coronado Bay Bridge, the locals took back the park.

Chicano Park, Logan Heights

Chicano Park, Logan Heights


P.S. Do you like salad? Thank a Mexican Indian

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