Enlightened Voter’s Guide

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VOTING is imperative for a free society. The support system is infinitely as important as the person at top. A few helpful hints can be found in the August 2016 post How to Vote. Keep your main topic in mind with every vote cast; mine is Indigenous Rights Worldwide. It’s easy to research where a candidate stands on your cannabis/education/immigration/incarceration/environmental issues. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ARE ALL POLITICAL!

Do not vote for a pleasant candidate who is comfortable voting with a
20th century mindset in a 21st century world!

The days of the protest vote are over. Vote smart!

If you have heard but are not yet familiar with the concept of the New Jim Crow, this documentary is eye opening!

Mandatory for all woke citizens!! Full documentary available on Netflix


*Judges, *superintendents, *district attorneys MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. They create a mindset, a roadmap, a political atmosphere.
Governor: Gavin Newsom
Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin
Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
Controller: Betty T. Yee [This office is important because this office says Yay or Nay to affordability]
Treasurer: Vivek Viswanathan
Attorney General: Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner: Asif Mahmood [Job description is “consumer protection advocate and insurance regulator.” The position is elected, not appointed, in only 11 states, including California…so vote!]
State Board of Equalization, 4th District: Mike Schaefer [This office is focused on getting full tax collection from those people and corporations who’d rather not.]

US Senate: Dianne Feinstein [There are others perhaps closer to my political perspective (i.e. Israel is NOT our friend), but I do not want to skew the results by diffusing the numbers, i.e. no protest vote.]
US Representation, 52nd District: Scott Peters

Member of the State Assembly, 77th District: Sunday Gover
*Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 28: Vicki Rothman
*Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 37: Tim Nader

*County, Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony K. Thurmond [When Tom Payzant was Superintendent in the late 1980’s, San Diego had progressive, award winning schools. We led the way in many subjects, especially environmental education. Now we are meh. This office is important!]
*County, District Attorney: Genevieve Jones-Wright [Our DA sets the pace, lays down the map, and creates a mindset in 21st century legal matters. This office is important.]
County, Treasurer/Tax Collector: unchallenged Dan McAllister [Your name here.]

City of San Diego Member, City Council District No. 6: Fayaz Nawabi [Our current councilmember is pleasant but politically timid. Do not vote for a pleasant candidate who is comfortable voting with a 20th century mindset in a 21st century world!]

Prop 68, parks, climate adaptation: Yes [ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ARE ALL  POLITICAL!]
Prop 69, transportation revenue: Yes
Prop 70, cap-and-trade revenue: No
Prop 71, ballot measure implementation: Yes
Prop 72, rain-capture: Yes


A secondhand purchase diminishes myriad Environmental and
Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices, while keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!




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