Who’s Crying Now?

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[Disclaimer: Things are moving so fast in Trump World that each post is almost passé. If you haven’t donated to help Puerto Rico, do it! It’s not just for our island state, but also to show the world that, although our prez is a jackass, Americans are NOT. https://act.moveon.org/donate/hurricane-maria

Who’s the crybaby?
After months of calling the progressive voters snowflakes and crybabies, we just witnessed the ultra right wing not only crying, but having full on hissy fits and temper tantrums ~ Yes, they’re mad because their leaders and role models are being taken down all over Dixie. Well, for chrissake, we’re taking them down because they represent the worst of us. They lost the war against kidnapping and enslaving human beings for personal profit. We’re not erasing history, we’re simply putting a stop to celebrating the losers. They lost and as progressives are wont to do, we “put up” with their sniveling and sputtering. Finally we’ve had enough! Not even Tiki, Inc. wanted to be associated with these miscreants.

Tiki torch racists

Tiki torches Twitter

And “they” have the audacity to call us “snowflakes” and “crybabies” because Hillary lost, even though she won the popular vote by 2.87 million. [more on that later] Yes, we cried, but it wasn’t because we hate losing; we cried because we could smell the foreboding decay worldwide, from every little bug to entire civilizations and everyone and everything in between. So far, we were right.

Nonetheless, we’ve only been crying since we woke up on November 9, not even one year ago. Yet, “they” are still crying “not fair!” since 1865; you do the math.

Let’s be really clear on Lying, Cheating, and Stealing:
1. Hillary won by 2.87 million votes but was blindsided by the electoral system. Please keep in mind that the last time we lost the popular vote to the electoral system, we ended up with 8 years of Bush war mongering instead of 8 years of Gore environmental advancement. Gore won by 500,000 popular votes. Bush Gore
2. Citizens United allows for unregulated money to be poured secretly into buying any and all media for their candidate or issue to win. (Secretly, because even they are ashamed of it!) The Cheney Bush administration extended the First Amendment of the Constitution to protect lies in political campaigns ~ yes, political lying is now protected free speech.
3. Voter suppression, the 2017 voter turnout excluded an estimated 6 million voters who have been summarily and without notice wiped off the voter registration.
4. Gerrymandering is out of control. Across the board, more Democratic votes were cast than Republican votes, yet the Dems lost 1000 seats nationwide in Senators, Governors, local officials. Most all of these seats are attributed to gerrymandering.How to Steal an Election
5. FBI Director James Comey‘s inexplicable defiance of Justice Department protocol by injecting doubt regarding emails.

FBI Comey
6. And, we now have absolute confirmation that the Russians interfered and influenced the 2017 election.


So, what to wear to the battle for Truth, Justice and The American Way[I’m taking a leap to say that Superman sees The American Way the way I do.]
You might be the type who wants to go incognito, perhaps wearing a costume to the battle. Keep in mind that secondhand clothing diminishes several environmental and human rights issues that are associated with haute couture.

If you do wear a costume, be your coolest self. If you’ve never shopped secondhand, this is a great way to break in! Here is Costco San Diego plastic fantastic 2014, 2015, 2017 like every other year. See a trend? Mass produced Halloween costumes encompass many environmental and human rights issues, compared to secondhand which has as close to a zero carbon footprint as you can get.

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We do not have the luxury of quitting the Good Fight. We might be beaten down, but we can definitely look our best on our way down!

Shop responsibly, shop secondhand and still look like a million bucks!

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