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Did you know that a personal check is no longer “legal tender” in the same way it was in early banking, i.e. 1960s and ’70s? I helped an elderly woman who had nothing. I had no cash, so I wrote her a check to cash at my bank where I keep a good deal of my $. The check was in her name. She had i.d. but no credit card, no debit card, no bank account because she is poor. And, the result of being poor is that the banks charge $8 for the terrible inconvenience of trading my check for cash money out of my account. WTF? In essence, she was fined for being poor. NOT GOOD!! [Trust me, I let the bank know what I thought and then I sent her $8.]
We love money!


Did you know that there is a growing Women’s Renaissance worldwide? Every day I learn of more young women who are standing in the face of power and saying, No! Here are two more who have boldly taken a coming-of-age festivity as an opportunity to make a real statement!



For more on the Women’s Renaissance worldwide, see our posts April 2016 Prom 2016 and the Renaissanceand June 2017 Feministas in the 21st Century.


Did you know that a Mexican is a Native American? A brown Mexican (white Mexicans are typically of Euro origin and typically far wealthier than brown Mexicans) is a Native American who speaks Spanish, not Indian, because of forced colonialism. Likewise, American Indians speak English because of forced British colonialism.
While the US is busy deporting those “pesky” Mexican Indians in order to make America Great Again, we are deporting indigenous locals who should have every right to be here.
Mexican Indians

The southern US border was created by non-natives. When the US bought/took/won/got California from Mexico, the US signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, which made indigenous border crossing a right. Guess which was the very first treaty to be broken with California Indians; yes, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. (100% of California Indian treaties have been broken, including gaming.) Here are a few maps showing some of the extensive indigenous ancestral lands that cross our southern US border.

Yaqui territory

Yaqui territory

Kumeyaay territory

Kumeyaay territory

Apache territory

Apache territory








President Polk (1845-49) put into motion the mindset of Manifest Destiny, that it is this nation’s god given right and duty to conquer “from sea to shining sea.” Manifest Destiny was one of the great devastations that still haunts American Indians.


Did you know that Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky wields great power (albeit sociopathic, in its own way) as Majority Leader, but comes from a state of only 4.4M. (Los Angeles has 4M.) With 2M of the 3.3M eligible voters turning out in Kentucky’s 2016 election, and 45% of them supporting Mitch McConnell, that means McConnell gained his near total power over the Senate with only 850,000 votes. Yet, McConnell fights for all things corporate and in the face of everyone he pretends to represent.


Did you know that secondhand clothing diminishes several environmental and human rights issues that are associated with haute couture?

So what will you wear when you boldly speak Truth to Power?

Red dress St. James

St. James Thrift, Solana Beach CA $14

Gentlemen, do not snub Grampa’s closet!

Grampy shirts

Depending on family dynamics, you will have a great selection if Gramma dressed Grampa in style! 


Did you know that all is not lost?! Simple solutions come from every direction. Check out Vertical Forests
For worldwide examples, I suggest you google “youtube vertical forest”.



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