Dramaturgia in the Neo-Trump Era

by wildbynature2013

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Dramaturgiaa political strategy that uses conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control. Political theater: creating chaos and distraction. Dezinformatsiya: the disinformation campaign of the Soviet Union during the Cold War years, launched to scandalize and disgrace US institutions [i.e. KGB rumor that the CIA was linked to the JFK assassination].

I do not credit Donald Trump with this political theater because I believe he is a fool. However, the sociopaths who surround Trump will manipulate with glee. And, Trump’s cultist followers are frightening.

I find information and interviews in entertainment magazines that dwarf the traditional news outlets, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazines being two surprisingly detailed sources. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi writes political essays that read like Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Trump the Destroyer

Highly recommended is the 1285 Issue of Rolling Stone, April 20, Alex Morris’ “Trump and the Pathology of Narcissism,” yow!! You can calm down by reading the headline article on our beloved Chuck Berry, same issue.
Chuck Berry Rolling Stone

Also in April 2017, Vanity Fair published an excellent article that describes the Trump administration and the Kremlin playbook, “In Trump’s Amerika,” by Mike Mariani. Perhaps the political theater is to distract from the Russian connection. You can find more in the same April 2017 issue of Vanity Fair, “How Ex-Spy Christopher Steele Compiled his Explosive Trump-Russia Dossier” raising the possibility that Donald Trump may be vulnerable to Kremlin blackmail.

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