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I’d Rather Die Fighting!

With so many issues that must be addressed, I suggest you pick just one to dedicate your fight for the longevity of our peaceful and verdant planet. My chosen focus is on Indigenous Rights Worldwide. This broad but specific category seems to encompass most of the environmental and human rights issues that are important to me.

Weaver of Dreams (Ina Pearch) 1914

Ina Pearch, Weaver of Dreams c.1914

This is my grandmother, Ina Pearch, from the Trinity and Klamath Rivers in Northern California. She was known as Weaver of Dreams because of her refined artistic basketmaking skills. Ina walked on in 1967.

Every basket represents harmony with Nature. The roots and needles and grasses were harvested at the best time of the year, the best growth, and the best specimen. Her skirt is of the softest deerskin; killed with skill and grace and gratitude. The shells were harvested from freshwater rivers and from the sea. Everything had a purpose and was respected for that purpose in their world.

In 2008, our Karuk Tribe was determined to be 20,000 years old based on cultural artifacts and consistent carbon dating. Tribal endurance can exist that long not by conquering or dominating, but by cooperating with Nature and with each other, when everyone has a responsibility and is valued for their contribution. Sustainability comes when everyone values the concept that we part of Nature and not apart from it.

Standing Rock on the Sioux Reservation is a perfect example of Indigenous Rights abuse in the US. After fighting so hard against the Dakota Access Pipeline, in January of this year the Sioux Indians were thrown off of Treaty Land (!! Yes, land awarded to Indians by Federal treaty in 1869 !!). The Army Corps of Engineers bulldozed the site, including personal belongings, “for the safety of the Indians” because the Missouri River might flood. Then the Indians on Indian land were condemned for having left a mess. The condemnation of the Water Protectors for leaving a stinkin’ mess is a lie. The Indian way is to respect, revere, and honor the earth, to cooperate with it rather than dominate it.

1. 71 percent of elected officials are men, 90 percent are white, and 65 percent are white men. White men are 31 percent of the U.S. population but hold 65 percent of all elected offices. White men have 8 times as much political power as women of color. Oct 8, 2014…/65-percent-of-all-american-elected-officials-are-whi… This is a cause worth fighting for!

2. Republican elected leaders don’t look at all like America’s electorate. In 1950 it was almost all male. Today, 87 percent of House Republicans are non-Hispanic white men, compared with just 43 percent of House Democrats.1 For context, in 2014 just 34 percent of eligible U.S. voters were non-Hispanic white men. Add to that: BEWARE OF THE GERRYMANDER!! This is a cause worth fighting for! 

Secondhand clothing diminishes several Environmental and Human Rights issues that are associated with ‘haute couture’.

Beauty is power. When you go to Fight the Good Fight, you will be more powerful if you are dressed to the nines!

BW coat

I.MAGNIN pure wool with satin lining, pre 1989.

Originally in the $700 bracket, this gem in perfect condition cost $50 from
St. Joseph’s Thrift, Solana Beach CA.
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This coat bears the ILGWU Label, International Ladies Garment Worker’s UnionThe ILGWU, along with many other unions, ended by 1989, and along with it, protections and benefits for decent, hard working Americans.


And, a shout out to black-ish on their episode re jury duty. It was within the week that I received a jury summons. This time I will not Hope to be rejected.


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