Uh, What Just Happened?

by wildbynature2013

a monthly post
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I’m stunned and it seems everyone is stunned, even Donald Trump’s inner circle is stunned.


As a historian, I take an aerial view of what just happened and I look for it’s place in the panorama of history.


Is this a twinkling of an eye, or is this a full on paradigm shift? Just like Brexit, we’re about to find out.

Elmer Gantry just became President of the United States and leader of the Free World. The 1960 movie featured Burt Lancaster as the small time con artist preacher.elmer_gantry_poster

Closer still is Lancaster’s 1956 movie  The Rainmaker, the story of a middle-aged woman (Katharine Hepburn) who still agonizes over unrequited love for the local town sheriff, then falls for a small time con man who comes to town with the promise that he can make it rain.


But the presidency is big time, and all the tentacles of the unenlightened can reach every aspect of our lives. The prez personally appoints over 800 positions including the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary of Education, Head of the FBI, Supreme Court Justices, Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection BureauAttorney General.

How did we get this so wrong and why are Trump supporters so angry? The Dalai Lama says people are angry because they feel unneeded. I’m sure there is some truth to that. It seemed hilarious when Trump called out, “We love the poorly educated!” and the crowd roared with approval, but I ain’t laughing now. 72% of non-college educated white males voted for Trump.


…the fear of being unneeded

This I know, unless Trump pulls a con on his voters and actually supports progressive issues, we can expect the unexpected.

recycle-symbolWisdom? I have none at the moment. But please keep living your best life. Keep going GREEN and wear secondhand, thrift, hand-me-downs (the best!), consignment, vintage,  retro, antique, twice priced, anything but new because of the environmental price of manufacturing clothes; including every step starting with the resources used to create the fabric, through the entire process until it is placed on a hanger for you to hold and purchase.

Fight the Good Fight!!

Sometimes the best you can do is BE A THORN IN THE SIDE of the big machine. 

Wild By Nature, Inc.