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Month: October, 2016

Too Hip to Vote?

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Are you hipper than these two young women? They came to the San Diego #NODAPL Native American gathering to support Indigenous Rights on the Standing Rock Sioux ancestral land and burial grounds.

They are definitely voting!


So are these guys.



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Environmentally Hip Vote

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

KAYA’S in Kawanui, HI reminds us why we’re here



Most recently, World Class surfer Kelly Slater just made a big announcement on “The Inertia,” Surfrider’s blog that he ISN’T voting.  That is by far the most egregious of all athletic sins. Who the hell does he think appoints the head of the EPA?! Answer: the prez, along with 800+ other critical appointments! Trump believes that climate change is a hoax. Surfrider is critical international environmental organization and their words touch young voters worldwide.


American athletes excel in their sport because American life can be easy due to this great AMERICAN EXPERIMENT CALLED DEMOCRACY! and Social Justice!


Lance Armstrong fell from grace after years of deceitful winnings in the international Tour de France. He has lost $15 million in endorsements and the US Postal Service sponsorship wants some of their  $32 million back!


But, who can’t win by doping? Let’s stretch that into politics: Since when did “brilliant” become synonymous with “deceitful”? Political preference was historically based on perspective. Then, in the George W. Bush era it became a question of character. In today’s Donald Trump run, it has become synonymous with morality.


Libertarian Candidate Johnson is a bumbling idiot who makes faces and does not support what you might assume he and his party supports: Big items:


  • Repeal all gun control laws and regulation of weapons
  • Unrestricted banking competition
  • OK to deny service to gays & OK to boycott those companies
  • Social Security
    1.Phase out government-sponsored retirement system
    2.Replace the Social Security system with a private system
    3.Privatize Social Security.
  • He supports pot ~ No big deal! California and the nation are going recreational.


You don’t like Hillary? Irrelevant.

Hillary supports my issues: Women’s health and equal access to education, voting, healthcare for all. Thanks to Bernie, Hillary moved very far left and is already working to reduce and even diminish student debt. We know this is true because there are photographs of her hard work since she was 19! She will place top-notch people in the Supreme Court and those who head some of the most critical global decisions ever.




Show that you want to GO GREEN by procuring your Hallowe’en costume from a secondhand source. Plenty of us grew up having good ole’ Mom make it from things on hand. Today you can get the same results by purchasing from many sources such as Creative Costumes in Kona, HI and Goodwill-type shops worldwide. Do not stoop to purchasing toxic outfits made in sweat shops and sold through Costco (I love Costco on many levels, but not for Hallowe’en).

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