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Highly recommended political essay: RollingStone’s August 2016 Issue 1267, Matt Taibbi’s Appetite For Destruction.

IZIzzy’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is by far the most American song ever composed. It was written by an American immigrant for our first color film, 1939 Wizard of Oz, and sung by the beloved Hawaiian native Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole. Wizard-of-Oz-RSC-and-MUNI1-541x346

Izzy’s classic version includes our adored, home grown Sachmo’s (Louis Armstrong) What a Wonderful World, which adds to its richness. 

Jazz great Louis Armstrong with trumpet

Jazz great Louis Armstrong with trumpet

Get in shape to vote in style!

What Izzy and Sachmo did for American music, Zumba does for American dance. Zumba fully embraces all dance signatures, including Bollywood, Flamenco, Hula, salsa, hip hop, gangsta, belly dancing,

and American folk dance. Likewise, looking around my class of women all ages from everywhere on the planet, I realize that we may not know how to communicate in Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, eastern European, but we all know the steps to Zumba. It has become the 21st century international women’s folk dance!

Get in shape to vote in style!

You can think better if you are healthy. Get fit physically, mentally, and politically. Be in the right frame of mind and dress for the occasion: VOTING!

There is no better place to purchase athletic wear than at secondhand and resale stores. Good intentions plus poor follow through means that “twice priced” athletic wear is often unused and like new. Take advantage! Purchasing a second-time article, whether unused or gently worn, will serve to help social justice globally and environmental equilibrium, and save you a lot of cash! (To learn about the high cost of fashion, read our May 2015 post Prom Season!)

For sports wear and sports equipment, you can find it at Play It Again Sports in San Diego, California. It is fully organized according to sport, gender, age and size. The prices are very good, not a steal like at Goodwill, but it’s worth it for the quality of the items and the knowledge of the staff. You can find very used, used, slightly used, never used, and brand new overstock ~ all things that could have ended up in the landfill.


And the Goodwill never fails to come through! However, if you wait until you need it, there is a good chance it will have already found a home. Plan ahead for your seasonal sports and festive activities. (Hallowe’en is next month!)

You will make
when physically and mentally fit! 

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