Make America Great Again

by wildbynature2013

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aside: last month's post was edited for rant removal. my apologies.

Google “trump jr big game hunting image” and you get this:

But there’s hope to Make America Great Again!
If you’re in a silly mood, check it out

I’m betting that you will really appreciate Larry Wilmore’s (The Nightly Show) take on Brexit . The first 3/3.5 mins are OK, but you owe it to yourself to listen to Wilmore’s perspective on Brexit, Brenter, and you’re Brucked. Lesson: NO PROTEST VOTE!!!

  1. Decide what your personal issues are and vote the issues.
  2. From there, decide who best represents your issues. You do NOT have to like the person, as if you’d ever spend time with the president anyway. No one ever selected a president on basis of “likability” until George W. Bush was touted as “someone you’d like to have a beer with” [they were not reaching for the grammatically correct voter].
  3. Do a little research from a few sources.
  4. Pay attention to the people surrounding your candidate, whether they be personal or political, because they are a  true reflection of that person.
  5. Don’t gamble with your vote. Don’t try to prove a point. Don’t try to second guess. NO PROTEST VOTE!! Just be straight.
  6. Vote for the person who will fill vital rolls in our democracy, someone who will be best for the nation. NEVER vote for Party over Nation!
  7. If you do not understand the issue, do NOT vote on it. Many of the items are written in order to confuse us, so a NO vote may be an approval (i.e. Should billionaires pay their fair share of taxes?).
  8. If someone is claiming to be “tough on crime,” “a former prosecutor,” or proudly religious, then that is a poor choice.


Environmental Issues ARE Political Issues

The purpose of this blog is to promote secondhand everything because it eliminates the environmental toll and human rights abuses that are needed in order to get New Stuff! I was recently in Bangor, ME and found the very best of secondhand stores. At least two of them offered fresh baked bread made daily for anyone in need. I found this to be a beautiful gesture.

There were some tiny little secondhand stores in Bangor, but treasures were found!! Fresh bread is offered at Love The City Thrift Store.
I found these three valuable Ginny and Vogue dolls, $1 each. These are a gift to my doll collector friend who will spruce them up and cherish them for years.

The Ginny doll in white is fully intact, including her tights and party shoes. The Vogue doll ice skater sells on eBay for $350! The red haired Vogue doll has bending, walking legs, highly sought but for her barefeet.

Another really great secondhand store in Bangor is the Central Maine Antique Mall, not to be confused with the “Antique Marketplace.” Walking into this shop was like visiting an Americana museum. Prices were extremely fair!!

For $5 I found a 1933 Buck Rogers graphic novel. The spine of the book was loose, but otherwise in fine condition! This will be a gift to my friend who is the curator at the San Francisco Comic Art Museum, rumored to open soon in Oakland.

You know my environmental and aesthetic love of hankies (see post March 2015 In Praise of Hankies)! These were all in the $4-6 range. I seldom purchase hankies for more than this because it drives up the price for no particular reason.

Finis: I heard a German citizen say that he was willing to go without, because he did not want to live as a rich man in a poor man’s country. While bettering your life, keep in mind that each dollar is a vote and that every secondhand purchase will minimize your personal carbon footprint. You can have fun, own cool stuff, and look fabulous ~ all of it guilt free!


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