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Why bother voting? Because


Aging hippies and the WWII generation consistently vote for things that boldly affect Your world. If you are a Millennial, this is Your world. Stand up, speak out, and plan for your future with every vote!

Kudos to the BERNIE movement for impassioning the fading Millennial Vote

If you never felt the Bern, if you were swayed by teachers and professors who have lost their faith in the US system, old and tired and bitter, then you are not alone. Their worn out message of “Your vote doesn’t count” has made its mark on major political outcomes of environmental and human rights issues; not to mention your personal psyche, i.e. do I count?


Your Vote Doesn’t Count, WOSC

There are rules!

There are rules!

Sometimes the best your vote can do is be A THORN IN THE SIDE of fraud, deceit, injustice. And, that is noble.

When you travel this great big beautiful world, you will find cool, educated, enlightened people everywhere. You can fit right in by enjoying their food and freshen your wardrobe from their local secondhand store. I recently visited Barcelona and found two great secondhand stores, Humana and Holala!.

Dress Locally!

What does that mean? That means you should look for the best clothes with the smallest carbon footprint.  How to attain a zero carbon footprint?

buy secondhand buy secondhand buy secondhand buy secondhand buy secondhand

Secondhand eliminates the firsthand environmental cost of raw materials taken from the earth, toxic materials flushed to the rivers and seas, petroleum use from point of origin to you. The cost to human rights issues can be seen around the globe in the fashion industry factories. And yes, every dollar is your personal vote on what type of world you want.

When you buy secondhand/vintage, you suffer no guilt for environmental and human rights issues AND pay a fraction of it’s original cost.

Humana is Barcelona’s Goodwill

I truly appreciate mistranslations. The T-shirt is priceless: Love is a happy bullets

The Humana sign says in Catalan, “Dóna la roba que no utilitzis, Compra secondhand, Vesteix sostenible.” In English, “Donate your unused clothing, Buy secondhand, Dress sustainably.”

Goodwill prices, even in Spain! Check out my fabulous 17″, all Spanish leather, never used, perfect green bag for 9.95 € ($12.50 US)
Gr Purse

Holala! is Barcelona’s upper end secondhand store.

We must keep fighting the good fight!
And if we are to go down, then let us go down in style!!



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