Voting in Style

by wildbynature2013

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If you are in the 20-30 something bracket, THIS IS YOUR WORLD and you damn well better vote.


In fact, by not voting, you’re allowing the old, white, selfish exclusionists to build your world when they won’t even be around to experience it. You absolutely MUST vote for major issues like the environment, public education, and healthcare for all.


Still not convinced?

It’s your world, and I do not believe that 21st century women believe it is just fine for a panel of old Republican men to make decisions about your personal body. Obama’s administration proved that a president with the best intensions can be completely handcuffed by a US Congress dominated by right wingers and lobbyist whores. You need a good prez and a good support team.


Get out there and vote with passion!! And look fantastic, while you’re at it. Beauty and style are definitely part of the power of persuasion. And always wear secondhand, thrifting, worn before, owned previously. Whatever you need to call it, secondhand is your personal carbon footprint statement. Read about the high environmental cost of new clothes, May 2015 post (scroll to the bottom) on this blog site.

~ environmentalism for the hip ~

If you cannot stand the nominees, then VOTE THE ISSUES and for the candidates who support them.  First ask yourself if you do or do not want to live in a healthy, educated society.
Big ticket items:
1. Environment!! 
Marble Mtn, CA

This just in:
World Heritage sites at risk for flooding worldwide

2. Healthcare for all, especially women’s health! 
3. Women’s Rights

Hillary has been fighting for women’s rights worldwide since she was 20. I’m just saying’.


4. Education for all, K-University and all vocational training
5. Police violence and the militarization of our culture
Police Violence

6. Livable wage

People typically become and stay poor because they don’t get paid a livable wage. If corporations would pay their workers a livable wage, then we the taxpayers would not have to subsidize the lives of the poor through government programs. Government programs along with high food server tips of 20%+ are specifically to make up for the unlivable wages for a 40-hour work week.


7. Jobs and training
8. Mass incarceration.

If you find a candidate who is boasting “tough on crime,” DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT PERSON!!
Vote for “tough on rehab” and “tough on reeducation.”
Two concepts you should be savvy of:

School to prison pipeline and The New Jim Crow

School to Prison Pipeline


Bernie and HillaryFor all you Bernie lovers, do not lose hope if Hillary is the nominee. If you love Bernie and can’t stand Hillary, let me suggest why you don’t trust her.
1. Karl Rove is why! [click on this Vanity Fair Magazine link for an excellent article with minimal agenda] When Hillary became First Lady in 1993, her first act was to present universal healthcare and Rove led the way to squash her, and did so successfully.
Short story ~ she’s been working to bring us healthcare since 1993.
2. Since then, Rove has masterminded 30+/- Hillarygates, only one of which came to fruition; White Water stock. And the Bengazi thing? after 11 inquiries, 9 paid by the taxpayers and 2 paid by independent GOP investigators, ALL concluded in no blame to Hillary.
Short story ~ she’s not as crooked as the right wants us to believe.
3. Donald Trump is going to challenger her on every indecent level.
Short story ~ that’s all he’s got. But it’s not Donald I’m appalled by, it’s his supporters!


THIS IS NO TIME TO “Be calm and carry on.” NO! Don't Keep Calm!



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