Prom 2016 and the Renaissance

by wildbynature2013

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Young women from pre-teens to 20-somethings, worldwide seem to be experiencing a renaissance not seen since the 1940’s. Before that, it was fighting for and winning the women’s vote in California 1907, nationwide 1920.

Today, everywhere I look, I see young women stepping up, standing in the face of all odds, speaking out and challenging the dominant powers! Young women of color are leading the way:
1. Malala of Pakistan who was shot in the head for fighting for women’s education, yet she continues her battle that she started at age 12 or 13.

Malala from Pakistan

Malala from Pakistan

2. The gang rape and fatal assault on 23-year-old female psysiotherap intern, Jyoti Singh in 2012 that inspired a political movement in India for crimes against women.
3. Native American women are standing up and joining forces, celebrating native power, see them on flicker Indigenous Empowerment and follow them on Instagram.

4. Transgenders claiming their fair share of fine arts, Instagram #arthoe started by Mars, the genderfluid 15-year-old co-founder of the movement.

Mars #arthoe3

Mars #arthoe

5. Although young women are not graduating at the same rate, they are nonetheless entering college 2 females to every 1 male! cut and paste ( and (

6. Marley Dias is 10 and focused on inspiring her peers to read really cool books! #1000BLACKGIRLBOOKS 1000BLACKGIRLS hashtag Twitter

7. And the greatest example of all, my neighbor Alana. She is 10 years old and always tries to share the beauty around her. Her most recent gift is her homemade lemonade. I hope you can read the label.

Delicious Homemade Organic Lemonade!
homegrown organic lemon juice, organic sugar, mountain spring water,
and happiness

…and Happiness!! The magic ingredient!!

What has this got to do with Prom 2016? It is a mindset, a movement, a social evolution that needs to be celebrated! Wearing secondhand at the prom is a statement, regardless of why you wear it.

Mira Mesa High School Prom 2016

Cash awards for the best dressed graduating seniors at the 2016 Mira Mesa High School Prom will NOT be an option this year because Vice Principal Virginia Sturgeon last year had a meltdown that is not tolerable to an invited guest (Wild By Nature) who is giving away free money ($500, $500, $250, and $100).

Cinderella’s Attic  encompasses everything that WILD BY NATURE strives to inspire: environmental consciousness and social justice. Cinderella’s Attic’s raison d’être is to provide high school girls with free formal wear for their prom and other special events. “Our mission is to build confidence and self-esteem in young women by providing free formal dresses and accessories….”

Cinderella's Attic

Cinderella’s Attic

Not only does this fulfill all of our parameters of secondhand clothing for environmental reasons (factory toxins, fabric pollutants, dumping, shipping, etc.), it also fills a socio-economic gap. Because of their great contribution to the greater San Diego Community, Wild By Nature has awarded them $1000 cash to support their thoughtful, artistic approach to Fashion for the New Millennium.

Congratulations to Cinderella’s Attic!!



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