Immigration, Emigration, and the Environment

by wildbynature2013

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Immigration: the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there;
Emigration: to leave one place, country or region, especially of native origin, to settle in another.

It is only man made or natural catastrophe that could compel a large group of people to pack up and leave a settlement that could be 100 or 1000 years old. War, famine, flooding, sea waters rising to contaminate water supply, over population; we have all of these today and the planet is witnessing a mass migration of refugees all over the globe, more than ever in written history or archaeological reference.

Instead of showing the miserable effects of refugee settlements, I will show what happens to a pristine open space when it is visited by really happy people without a care in the world. Witness, please, our beloved Woodstock 1969 when only a half million people showed up!!

Woodstock before

Woodstock before

Woodstock half million people

Woodstock half million people

Woodstock Before & After

Woodstock Before & After

Woodstock after the rains

Woodstock after the rains

Woodstock water supply...

Woodstock water supply… I rest my case.

Remember, this is what happens when a half million healthy people are having fun! What about when war and climate change uproot millions? This is not intended to depress you, but to make you THINK. Let’s get organized, be PROACTIVE!! and wear something provocative to shout your cause!!

Ohana Salvation Army, Kona HI

Ohana Salvation Army, Kona HI  This off-the-shoulder, fully lined empire dress was only $5.99 and can make you look like a million bucks! Support your environmental and human rights causes by WEARING SECONDHAND!

Or, if you’re in a metropolitan area and want to stir things up, you can find something like this Diane von Furstenberg original from a secondhand boutique on Santa Monica Blvd. It was $42 and most likely sold new for around $250.

Diane von Furstenburg original

DON’T BE CALM! SLIP ON YOUR HOTTEST DRESS AND GO CHANGE THE WORLD!! You’ll be especially convincing in the Senate Chambers wearing your Diane von Furstenburg original

How do I know it’s an original?

Diane von Furstenberg 2

Diane von Furstenberg


Below is plenty to read on why and where the mass migrations are making their mark. The catastrophe can be turned around if we collectively agree and act! And while we’re busy making our case, let us honor our Statue of Liberty and welcome the huddled massesUnless you are a Native American (Indian), please do not call for a halt to immigration. It makes you look ignorant.

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2. why are they leaving home and what resources do they need in their new place?

3. Ecological Factors: Climate Disruption Exacerbates Other Forces [i.e. mass migrations] – See more at:

4. Already happening ~


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