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Weaver of Dreams (Ina Pearch) 1914

Ina Pearch, Weaver of Dreams 1914

California Indians have been here from the beginning of time. From the northern end of the Klamath River and just south of the Oregon border, the Karuk Tribe claims ancestral land to be at least 8,000-12,000 years old, a claim righteously challenged by academics who came in numbers to refute this. Then, by their own archaeological standards, they deemed Karuk culture to be a full 20,000 years old!, long before Hindu (6,000 years old), Buddhism, or any of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions.

The following is a Karuk Tribal prayer of thanksgiving inspired by Jeanerette.

We thank the Great Spirits for the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Gentle Rains that cool our parched and thirsty Earth.

We are grateful for the abundance placed before us, all from our sweet rivers, our oceans, and our bountiful hills and valleys.


We thank you for our perfect bodies, all parts working, with arms and legs to dance us to the other side.

Half Marathon

We are grateful and we promise to use our treasures to sustain our perfect world and to nourish our hearts and minds for the generations that follow.

Magic Sands, Hawaii

We welcome weary travelers and we share our riches. Ayukîi, welcome! 

Yôotva!, thank you!