A Simple Cup of Coffee

This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Every cup of coffee is your personal statement on the environment. Every cup of coffee is a vote for better or a vote to remain the same. And yes, it is fashionable to pay attention to detail.

A Simple Cup of Coffee

A Simple Cup of Coffee

#6 plastic is recyclable in larger urban areas
Cup: Not recyclable because it is wax/plastic lined
Cup Sleeve: Fully recyclable. Do you see the recycle symbol?
Sugar Packet: Recyclable if it is not lined in plastic. Usually it is trash
Not recyclable, but reusable
Wooden stirring stick: Recyclable if you have a Greens Bin


Cream: Is this from a humanely raised, grass fed cow?
Sugar: Is this from organic, pure cane sugar rather than GMO sugar beets?

COFFEE: Every cup of coffee can potentially support green industry. When we go organic, we can ensure that every living thing is safe from pollutants from the coffee tree to the first sip of coffee, and every little creek and bug in between.