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Why do this:

Hallowe'en Costco

Hallowe’en Costco

When you can do this:

Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI

Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI

New costumes are a scourge on the environment. They are highly treated with massive amounts of chemicals. This is not only bad for the wearer (especially the mask!), but also extremely bad for the environment. The costumes typically are made in sweatshops. They travel miles across the oceans with a very heavy carbon footprint. They are usually only worn once and they are VERY UNCREATIVE! 

For pennies you can shop at the local GOODWILL. Here are a few samples from the neighborhood outlet.

Goodwill, Mira Mesa  Goodwill, Mira Mesa    Goodwill, Mira Mesa        Goodwill, Mira Mesa

If you are so lucky as to live in Hawaii, check below to see what I found!!

MAYME’S ATTIC, Kealakekua HI

Mayme's Attic, Kealakekua HI 1

Mayme’s Attic, Kealakekua HI

Vintage Avenue, Hawaii 2Mayme's Attic, Kealakekua HI 3  Vintage Avenue, Keauhou HI 4


Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI

Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI

A visit to Creative Costumes is a totally cool experience with so many possibilities and so many combinations of crazy old parts; some silly, some traditional, some outrageously fun! From Robin Hood to Go Go Girls to the Village People, this family has been putting together costumes for a very long time with a stellar reputation. A visit to Creative Costumes will give you a lot of great ideas. The owner is a true “recycling artist”!!

Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI 3  Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI 6  Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI 5  Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI 8  Creative costumes, Kainaliu HI 4          Creative Costumes, Kainaliu HI 2


Vintage Avenue, Kainaliu HI

Vintage Avenue, Kainaliu HI

Vintage Avenue, Kainaliu HI 2                      Vintage Avenue, Kainaliu HI 3

This store has a lot of vintage Hawaii and WWII era Hawaii. Costumes are only a small part of the store. Co-owner Bella lives by strict environmental standards and she wears only secondhand, including her jewelry. And, the best part is that Bella’s doggie Chica is a rescue dog whom she refers to as her “recycled pup”!!

Vintage Avenue, Kainaliu HI 4