Back to School Fashion

In praise of the Goodwill




Goodwill has come into the 21st century with a whole new perspective. Check out their site at Goodwill:


Goodwill Sports

Sports Equipment for pennies

Goodwill Music

Yamaha keyboard, perfect condition $41

They remind us, “So the next time you are out thrifting, make sure you keep an open mind. If you like the pattern on a shirt but don’t love the style, consider how a few snips and stitches might improve it. (And save it from the landfills!) Look for furniture that could be repurposed to better suit your needs or for paintings that you could remake according to your own theme.”






From designer to shanty chic, this little cabin on the Klamath River was 100% furnished from secondhand giveaways, throwaways, thrift shops, salvage.

Cabin 2

Cabin 2 Orleans

Orleans Cabin2 bed

Sun filtered Iron bed and bedding

Orleans Cabin2 wood stove

Wood burning stove










You can have an extensive wardrobe without breaking the bank and at the same time, remain confident that you did not break your moral code in fashion.

Goodwill Colors

Any color that suits your fancy

Thrifting offers zero guilt for your zero carbon footprint clothing.Also, your secondhand purchase has already bypassed

  • Slave labor,
  • Child labor,
  • Harsh chemicals,
  • Scarce resources, and
  • International shipping.


Kid clothes, including labels "Baby Phat" $1

Kid clothes, including labels “Baby Phat” $1

Don’t forget shoes, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, and gifts galore!


PLAN AHEAD:  Shop Goodwill now for Halloween!


All Hallow's Eve, corporate style

All Hallow’s Eve, corporate style