The School Says What??

by wildbynature2013

The school says what?

There are rules!

There are rules!

[Please note: The following worry was all for naught. It all went smooth as silk, as you can read on our June 2 post.]

Regardless of our 30-year reputation in Mira Mesa and four years offering scholarships to MMHS, the school will not allow us to take your photo OR let you fill out an application to participate, which makes it kind of hard to give away free money!?!

$500 + $500 + $250 plus 17 gift certificates to local secondhand stores 

So please, text a photo of you in your prom outfit to 858-663-1318. Tell us your name and a brief description of your secondhand items (clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, lingerie).

Look for our table at the entrance to the prom. Cash awards to be distributed at the June 4 Senior Awards Night.