Mira Mesa High School Prom this Saturday!!

by wildbynature2013

Why is Wild By Nature offering so much $$$ to wear secondhand to the prom? Because we are promoting a


$1,250 in cash prizes for best dressed grads wearing secondhand. For details on Fashion for the New Millennium cash prizes, visit the “Mira Mesa High School Prom” page in the menu above. To participate, find our table at prom entrance and fill out the short form!

Yours for just being cool.

Yours for just being cool.

WILD BY NATURE, Inc. is in its 25th year devoted to vernal pool studies and habitat restoration. Now we turn our attention to the greatly underappreciated role of fashion from an environmental perspective.

Hence, our movement Fashion for the New Millennium! Wearing secondhand clothing is as close to a zero carbon footprint as you can get in the fashion world. ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT! Bonus, it’s fun and cheap and you can look like a million bucks.

Secondhand can include all varieties of quality and price, from thrift to vintage to retro to antique to labels and consignment. Clothing, lingerie, jewelry, accessories, shoes, all found in secondhand stores. Of course hand-me-downs and borrowed gowns are a big asset to our fashionable zero carbon footprint target. If you are lucky enough to wear Aunt Carolyn’s 1990’s prom dress, by all means you must stop by to see us!

The real deal!

The real deal!

There is every possibility that you can wear haute couture for Goodwill prices! The more you explore the secondhand culture, the greater you will train your eye for the finer things. The advantages of buying secondhand are considerable: Classic styles, superior fabric, superior workmanship, superior working conditions, extremely reduced price, your purchase often supports a charitable cause. And most important, everyone feels special when we score a real bargain!!