Mira Mesa High School Prom UPDATE

by wildbynature2013

$1250 in cash awards to the best dressed secondhand at the prom!

For details, visit
1. our prom page above, or visit https://wildbynaturenewmillennium.wordpress.com/mira-mesa-high-school-prom/
2. our Wild By Nature website at http://www.wildbynature.org/fashion-for-the-new-millennium/ (cut and paste if this link is faulty)

UPDATE 31 March: In addition to our standing two (2) $500 cash prizes, and two (2) $25 certificates to Buffalo Exchange

  • The $250 cash award is now being offered to any attendee at the 2014 Mira Mesa High School Prom: grads, dates, chaperones, teachers, principals, support services, all! Changing our views on secondhand can go a long way to help this planet, so we invite everyone to have fun and save money!
  • Exchange It Up in the Mira Mesa Mall is offering five (5) $20 certificates to their store. Not only do they have a great variety of secondhand in all styles, they also give you store credit or cash for your quality secondhand clothes and accessories!

    Bow ties

    Bow ties

  • The Goodwill in the Target mall offers a student discount of 10%, plus five (5) $10 gift certificates. Our local Goodwill has some surprises, like an entire rack of tags-still-on (see post on this blog site “Don’t throw that away!,” February 6, 2014) and men’s silk shirt for $4.00!
Tags still on

Tags still on



Tags still on

Men's silk shirt $4

Men’s silk shirt $4