Don’t throw that away!

by wildbynature2013

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We can save the planet without knowing the name of even one endangered species.  It is not the facts that can help diminish global warming, but the MINDSET of the masses. If each one of us represents an arch type of the normal human perspective, then each one of us can influence the mindset of about a million others who think like us. So, the simple act of getting dressed can have huge influences.

Let’s analyze our wardrobe. Do you have mostly new items? Where did they come from? Who made them? How far did the items travel? From what resources are the fabrics and threads made? What happens to the unused materials? Where does the water go when it leaves the factories? Why are the clothes so cheap? and What happens when I generously give them away?

Without depressing anyone, let’s just agree that the answers to all the questions are pathetic. Apparently new clothes are so cheap that shoppers purchase them and often give them away still with the tags on them. “about 3.8 billion pounds of clothing that is donated each year is recycled,” as stated in The High Cost of Cheap Clothes. And, find out who made our clothes and at what price. Fashion can encompass many facets of environmental injustice.