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Hiatus Announcement

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This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Dedicate your life to one or two environmental promises; not too much more because it can all become a blurr. For this author, every time regardless of where I am or how I’m dressed (barefoot or stilettoes), I pick up:

  1. Balloons and their cords because they interfere with marine life and forest life: see Post July 2015, this blog

    Balloons and Cords

  2. Styrofoam because it looks like seeds when broken down: see Post April 2017, this blog


  3. Straws because it’s one of the global environmental catastrophes: see Post April 2018, this blog

Straws On Request, Please


Twenty years of encouraging habitat studies through Wild By Nature, Inc. has resulted in environmental education going mainstream.

Five years of posting Fashion for the New Millennium has resulted in secondhand clothing going mainstream. When shopping, keep in mind that

A secondhand purchase diminishes myriad Environmental and
Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices, while keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!

Therefore: Fashion for the New Millennium is going on hiatus. Fare thee well!


Wild By Nature, Inc.

What Is A Mexican?

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This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Let’s get real, please. The only reason some people hate Mexicans is because they unwittingly hate Indians. It’s still the same old pilgrims vs. Indians, missionaries vs. Indians, gold miners vs. Indians, cowboys vs. Indians, and now the Trumpians vs. Indians. Wealthy, white Mexicans are welcome, but the brown ones are seen as strangers in their own land.

The thrust of this post is to demonstrate that brown “Mexicans” are American Indian and should receive all the rights and privileges thereof. 

Version 2

Chicano Park, Logan Heights

America covers three continents: North America, Central America, South America. Based on consistent carbon dating and cultural artifacts, many indigenous people have been here at least 20,000 years. And, there is every indication that Polynesians, Chinese, Danish explorers came to the Americas many centuries before the Spanish in the late 15th century and the Brits followed.


The Spanish and the British came not as explorers, but as conquerors. They brought with them guns, germs, and steel (reference Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs & Steel). Indigenous populations throughout the Americas were reduced by 90 percent. First Contact 

Europeans arrived having survived one of about six black plagues and brought some of their filthy ways with them. The Spanish were sadistic and brutal on a large scale. The Spanish were the inventors of the Inquisition which raised torture to new heights, and the running of the bulls. I was in Spain in 2016 and they are unapologetic about Christopher Columbus for, in the words of my tour guide, “bringing home the riches.”


COLONIAL LANGUAGES: Mexicans are Indigenous Americans, AKA American Indians. They speak Spanish as their COLONIAL LANGUAGE;
whereas US Indians speak English as our COLONIAL LANGUAGE,
and in Canada, English and French are their COLONIAL LANGUAGES.

When the ACLU and RAICES TEXAS called out for help reuniting Indian babies with their families, a desperate request came for translators of Quechua, Nahua, Ma’am, Maya, Aymara, Zapoteca, Mixteco, Kaqchikel, Kiche, all. These are Indigenous languages; Mexicans are Indians by definition.

“Mexican” sounds like Indian and looks like Indian: This is the famed Chicano Park in Logan Heights, San Diego CA. After the city took many square blocks of the neighborhood to build the Coronado Bay Bridge, the locals took back the park.

Chicano Park, Logan Heights

Chicano Park, Logan Heights


P.S. Do you like salad? Thank a Mexican Indian

The mission of Fashion for the New Millennium is to offer a new perspective on current issues and what one little person can do to help. Wild By Nature touts all things secondhand because secondhand clothing diminishes several Environmental and Human Rights issues that are associated with haute couture.

Look like a million bucks for pennies, while
keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!

Judging by the price of secondhand clothing, we have accomplished our mission. The patent leather shoes below cost $38, a bargain at $28, but not at $38. The linen jacket below was $32, should have been $22. But, no worries, the trend will reverse.


Everlane patent leather with pink kid lining

Everlane patent leather with pink kid lining, $180 new

Ellen Tracy white linen, unlined $100+ new

Ellen Tracy white linen, unlined $100+ new


Wild By Nature, Inc.


Enlightened Voter’s Guide

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

VOTING is imperative for a free society. The support system is infinitely as important as the person at top. A few helpful hints can be found in the August 2016 post How to Vote. Keep your main topic in mind with every vote cast; mine is Indigenous Rights Worldwide. It’s easy to research where a candidate stands on your cannabis/education/immigration/incarceration/environmental issues. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ARE ALL POLITICAL!

Do not vote for a pleasant candidate who is comfortable voting with a
20th century mindset in a 21st century world!

The days of the protest vote are over. Vote smart!

If you have heard but are not yet familiar with the concept of the New Jim Crow, this documentary is eye opening!

Mandatory for all woke citizens!! Full documentary available on Netflix


*Judges, *superintendents, *district attorneys MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. They create a mindset, a roadmap, a political atmosphere.
Governor: Gavin Newsom
Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin
Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
Controller: Betty T. Yee [This office is important because this office says Yay or Nay to affordability]
Treasurer: Vivek Viswanathan
Attorney General: Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner: Asif Mahmood [Job description is “consumer protection advocate and insurance regulator.” The position is elected, not appointed, in only 11 states, including California…so vote!]
State Board of Equalization, 4th District: Mike Schaefer [This office is focused on getting full tax collection from those people and corporations who’d rather not.]

US Senate: Dianne Feinstein [There are others perhaps closer to my political perspective (i.e. Israel is NOT our friend), but I do not want to skew the results by diffusing the numbers, i.e. no protest vote.]
US Representation, 52nd District: Scott Peters

Member of the State Assembly, 77th District: Sunday Gover
*Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 28: Vicki Rothman
*Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 37: Tim Nader

*County, Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony K. Thurmond [When Tom Payzant was Superintendent in the late 1980’s, San Diego had progressive, award winning schools. We led the way in many subjects, especially environmental education. Now we are meh. This office is important!]
*County, District Attorney: Genevieve Jones-Wright [Our DA sets the pace, lays down the map, and creates a mindset in 21st century legal matters. This office is important.]
County, Treasurer/Tax Collector: unchallenged Dan McAllister [Your name here.]

City of San Diego Member, City Council District No. 6: Fayaz Nawabi [Our current councilmember is pleasant but politically timid. Do not vote for a pleasant candidate who is comfortable voting with a 20th century mindset in a 21st century world!]

Prop 68, parks, climate adaptation: Yes [ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ARE ALL  POLITICAL!]
Prop 69, transportation revenue: Yes
Prop 70, cap-and-trade revenue: No
Prop 71, ballot measure implementation: Yes
Prop 72, rain-capture: Yes


A secondhand purchase diminishes myriad Environmental and
Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices, while keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!




Wild By Nature, Inc.

Suburban Meadows

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint


Suburban meadows is the charming result of letting Nature take its course. Simply allow your garden to go au naturel with minimal interference. You will be blessed with more birds, butterflies, pollinators, wildflowers, native grasses (far more elegant than the stubby commercial grasses). Your natural garden can be enhanced with any number of helpful, colorful plants. Every year will bring you a new swath of vegetation when you allow natural propagation of seeds finding their spot.

Manicuring your suburban meadow is highly encouraged. The grasses will necessarily get shaggy in the summer, so trimming the edges gives it a purposeful presence.  I remove anything that will hurt bare feet or poke a critter’s ear.

Scouty clearly prefers the native grasses

Scouty clearly prefers the native grasses


Be respectful of bees and share your bounty with a few birds who pass by.

If you have grapevines or tomatoes, expect and welcome the swallowtail butterfly in its extraterrestrial larvae caterpillar state. When I find one, I try to designate a plant to that purpose so my garden is not ravaged (they eat A LOT).

Larvae swallowtail

Swallowtail Larvae 

Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

A secondhand purchase diminishes myriad Environmental and
Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Feng shui your living space at Goodwill prices, while keeping your Environmental Integrity intact!!

This arte deco vanity with matching bedside table was found at my local Goodwill for a total of $90. Along with the quality of the wood, the black velvet lined smooth-as-silk sliding drawers and the flawless beveled mirror attest to the fact that this is authentic. The set is easily worth ten times what I paid.




Wild By Nature, Inc.

Straws On Request, please

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

It wasn’t long ago that California responded to drought by limiting water served while dining only when asked for. The statewide policy was aggressively titled water on demand. It lasted about 10 years before the new wave of restaurateurs started automatically serving water again as part of the service. The water on demand policy has evolved into a more refined water on request policy, yet seems to be ignored today. On one of my recent treks for refinement and civility via gourmet coffee bistro, my server surprised me after my coffee with water in a 20 oz GLASS WITH A STRAW!

20 oz with a straw

What happened to the very wise water on request? And what’s up with the STRAWS? Without going into gruesome detail, all one must do is a google search for “straws environmental impact” to bring you myriad sites with documented results and depressing photographs of animal suffering and floating acres thick with plastic debris. Straws do far more harm than good, and if you’re not a messy baby or physically challenged, you DO NOT need a straw. Straws take millennia to degrade and, in the meantime, challenge, choke, puncture, asphyxiate, blind, and starve wildlife from ocean to desert to forest.

Below is a photo of an espresso served with 2 STRAWS in each demi tasse. Not only are the straws an environmental hazard, but the heat of the drink surely releases the BPA from the straws into the drink. Toxic!!



More unnecessary examples of drinks with straws: 


If your server is not woke enough to wait for straws on request, then be prepared to request Water, no straw please.

And, while you’re waiting to pay your bill, you can feel totally self righteous by pulling your plastic credit card from this fabulous regifted purse!

Pressed leather

Pressed leather. Do not demean the power of regifting!



Secondhand clothing diminishes several Environmental and Human Rights issues that are associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices!



Wild By Nature, Inc.

Don’t Let Your Exceptionalism Slap You in the Face

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Just when you think you’re doing your best,

It seems that the Universe will send a reality check when you are at last feeling confident about how you make your way across this big beautiful blue planet. There’s always room for growth! Part 1: Did you march? Part 2: Did you turn off your lights when you left?


Part 1: Fashion of the day ~  MARCH FOR OUR LIVES
Click on the link for many more photos worldwide!


An 11-year old leads the way!
 Click on the link for Naomi’s outstanding speech!

Naomi Wadler

Naomi Wadler


Part 2: Fashion of the Day ~ OhmConnect

San Diego Gas & Electric has established an online service to incentivize us to use less energy during peak hours, OhmConnect. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I walked through the house and took a photo of every “always on” light; 21 in all: Telephone, 4 independent telephone handsets, Roomba, microwave, stove top, power strip for freezer, refrigerator, modem, router, 2 computers, printer, 2 automatic sprinklers, jacuzzi timer, DVR, dark activated night light, radio. Yes, some of these can be unplugged, but they will need to be reprogrammed every time.

OhmConnect launched about a year ago. The service helps you save electricity by monitoring it, and will also pay you or your favorite charity when you use less power during high use times. This can cut down on emissions because the power plants that operate during peak times tend to have bigger carbon footprints. It also helps stabilize the electrical grid by reducing activity spikes, making it easier to transition to cleaner energy sources such as solar and wind power.

There’s always something you can do to improve your world! 

Secondhand clothing diminishes a plethora of Environmental and Human Rights issues associated with haute couture.
Look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices!




Wild By Nature, Inc.

Do Something! Participate!

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

This strong sister is showing us in one photo that you can be a Force of Nature. As a young, brave woman, she is a shining star in the worldwide Women’s Renaissance fighting alongside Malala and every scared but determined sister who has joined the cause! Let her be an inspiration to us all.

Meet Zimbabwe’s All-Female Anti-Poaching Squad

Elephants and rhinos have brave new defenders armed with AR-15s and special forces training.



Secondhand IVORY JEWELRY diminishes several Environmental and Human Rights issues that are associated with haute couture.


She is using an AR-15, just like Nicholas Cruz of the recent Florida school shootings. Those who insist “it’s not the gun’s fault,” can please keep in mind that if it were nunchucks, there would only be broken bones.



Wild By Nature, Inc.

Women’s Renaissance Worldwide ~ or Taking Back the C Word

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This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

Women worldwide seem to be standing up for each other. Inspired by young women, the rest of the female population courageously and in the face of all odds is standing up to male aggression and domination. It’s a beautiful thing on the planet today and I so very much appreciate and admire the gentle men who stand with us. American gender battles pale in comparison to far more suppressed regimes and religions. Nonetheless, our battle are real.

To read specifics about the growing Young Women’s Renaissance worldwide, visit our posts: April 2016, Prom 2016 and the Renaissance; June 10, 2017, Feministas in the 21st Century; August 2017, Did You Know?; December 2017, PC or HC? Historically Correct.

But first we have to change the vernacular!

Homosexuals took back Gay, Fag, Queer. Now they wear the labels with pride.

Blacks took back the N word and in the enlightened voice of Ice Cube to Bill Maher, “We took it back. We own it and you can’t use it.” Yesss! 

Thanks to Donald Trump’s vulgar, low resonating perspective on life and his infamous grab ’em by the pussy remark, women have reclaimed Pussy. In fact, we proudly don our Pussy Hats en masse. 

Pussy Hats, Chicago 2017

So now it’s time (past time?) to take back the C word ~ cunt.

When Chaucer (1343-1400) wrote The Canterbury Tales (published 1475), he used the term five times! I researched it. Granted, some of the cunts were spelled cuny and queynte, but few literary historians dispute that this is exactly what he was referring to. Apparently the word has only recently devolved into the derogatory. I read a portion of a poem written by an unknown author during the Renaissance, “I thrust my hands down her skirt and fondled her warm cunt.” Sorry folks, that does not sound so bad to me. We’re manipulated by contemporary norms, despite historic accuracy (see last month’s post PC or HC? Historically Correct). Thus, we take the insult and claim it as part of our whole self and now we own it. Cunt can no longer degrade and demeans us.

I say let’s take back Cunt! And while we’re at it, let’s rescue PMS from the insult bin. Maybe we’re not crabby and pissy because we’re about to have our period, but because our body is physically producing the most important function of our wombed species: procreating. Every woman is pumping out her best egg at PMS time, so perhaps we are focusing on staying away from fools and energy thieves. When we are at the peak of our fertilization selection process, we will not put up with annoying, mindless distractions!

Let’s take our renewed energy and get to the streets on Saturday, January 20 to reaffirm our commitment to our historic code of honor and dignity. Ladies, wear your pussy hats to embolden each other and to let the world know that we still strive for the perfect American blend of Compassion and Common Sense!



March in style! 

Every secondhand purchase diminishes several Environmental and
Human Rights issues that are associated with haute couture.
And, you can look like a million bucks for Goodwill prices!



Wild By Nature, Inc.

PC or HC? Historically Correct

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

I actually saw a Wall Street Journal article that blustered The PC Police Can’t Ruin Thanksgiving, by Melanie Kirkpatrick. Her ignorance was fully exposed when she featured the 1st Thanksgiving in Opposite World that I posted last month. She used the painting to prove her PC-is-stupid point, but she was Historically Incorrect.

1st Thanksgiving in Opposite World

1st Thanksgiving in Opposite World

This foolish, ignorant painting portrays the Pilgrims offering an abundance of food to Indians who are sitting on the ground, with a Spaniard and his sword in attendance. However…

  1. It was the Pilgrims who were starving, not the Indians.
  2. The abundance of food was sourced from Indian land, not imported.
  3. Indians were NOT (yet) in a subservient position to the new immigrants, and therefore would not be seated on the ground.
  4. There were no Spaniards on the scene because they were busy conquering Indian land in southern ports of the Americas.
  5. And, this just in, the first thanksgiving was not about graciously sharing abundance, it was actually about the 1637 successful murder of 700 local Indians. Needless to say, the ensuing feast included zero Indian guests. I recommend The Real Story of Thanksgivingby American Indian scholars.

…which bring me to the question, “PC or HC?” The above painting is definitely not HC, historically correct. Instead of Kirkpatrick (Wall Street Journal) championing “the real” Thanksgiving, she is literally defending a PC narrative of a horrible event, which makes her the PC Police.

What is politically correct?
adjective: demonstrating progressive ideas, esp by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, esp concerning race and gender. PC
: politically correct; politically incorrect
Example: “it is not politically correct to laugh at speech impediments”
Synonyms: unoffensive, nondiscriminatory, unbiased, neutral, appropriate, nonpartisan
Antonym: offensive

In short

It sounds like “political correctness” is simply being polite and civilized. Is that too much to ask? We too often seem to go overboard and cannot see anything but white and black, no gray. Not everyone can differentiate PEDOPHILE v ASSHOLE in the scandal du jour. Yes, both Moore and Franken exhibit culturally unacceptable sexual behavior, but that throws all sexually inappropriate behavior into one category without benefit of understanding the bigger picture, the degrees of difference within each action. Predatory behavior is not equivalent to obnoxious behavior. Political Correctness (or Incorrectness) crosses all political and social philosophies. 

Moore Franken

Moore and Franken


Let’s ground ourselves in common sense and compassion.

How to Celebrate Common Sense and Compassion
Secondhand diminishes several environmental and human rights
issues that are associated with haute couture.

Christmas is upon us and those of us who enjoy gift giving and setting a beautiful table can live haute couture at Goodwill prices, AND maintain a near zero carbon footprint. With a little polish and ironing, your holiday table can be fit for the most judgemental guest when set with secondhand silver, china, crystal, and linen napkins.

Happy High Holidays!


If you have a Facebook account,

you must visit the link below from #NowThisHer. This 17 year old comedienne, Ruby Karp, is part of my ever touted Young Women’s Renaissance worldwide. Ruby confronts her sex ed teacher about teaching consent rather than anti-rape. Right on, little sister!

For more on the current Young Women’s Renaissance worldwide, please see posts Prom 2016 and the Renaissance (April 2016), Feministas in the 21st Century (June 10, 2017), and Did You Know? (August 2017).

Wild By Nature, Inc.


Thanksgiving, or Overstaying Your Welcome

a monthly post
This site is dedicated to helping us reset our Zero Carbon Footprint

The First Thanksgiving: We just invited them for one meal and look what they’ve done to the place.

Gotta love this painting, depicting the starving Pilgrims showing their superiority by actually offering food to their Wampanoag hosts. Whaaat? And, what’s a Spaniard doing in the scene? Not…

1st Thanksgiving in Opposite World


R. Cobb got it right!

R Cobb Thanksgiving

R. Cobb Thanksgiving, 1968


R. Cobb in 1965, and it looks that we are still crazy after all these years! Nonetheless…

Cartoons by Ron Cobb

R. Cobb 1965

Nonetheless, Harvey J Kaye of Progressive Breakfast reminds us that

…we are descended from revolutionaries, radicals, socialists, progressives, populists, labor unionists, feminists, and civil rights and environmental activists

who made America truly great by refusing to bow to the powerful and wealthy and instead fighting to extend and deepen freedom, equality, and democracy.”

That includes the corporate fashion industry.

Secondhand clothing diminishes several Environmental and Human Rights issues that are associated with haute couture.

Start here! Cool People doing Cool Things: Urban University Oakland This is a small group of women helping women in Oakland CA at their secondhand store. All proceeds go to employing single moms and changing the world, one little mommy at a time! If everyone just gave a little. Donate to the noble cause here.


Shop secondhand in every aspect of American life! Secondhand building supplies are 60-80% off when you buy at Habitat For Humanity‘s Re-store. Here is some beautiful Brazilian cherry wood flooring, never opened, $30-60 per box.

Happy Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be grateful for.


Wild By Nature, Inc.


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